Goodwood Festival of Speed - Day Two

So Sunday morning was another early start, alarm went off at 4.30am and probably the only thing that makes me leap out of bed that time of morning is Goodwood!

I arrived around the same time as Saturday and got in ahead of the crowds and this time headed straight for McLaren House to get some nice clean shots of the cars on display. Worked a treat and managed to get to the stand before anyone arrived! Surprisingly the crowds didn't appear as quickly as I expected so I was able to get some nice clear shots around the Cartier lawn which was a nice bonus. First up was the Enzo and of course the 250 GTO needed shooting again.


Another delicious breakfast and it was time to head to my helicopter flight! I had been looking forward to this for so long, having only ever been in a chopper when I was very young I couldn't wait to get going!

The flight was fantastic and gave a view over the whole estate and really gave perspective to how huge Goodwood really is! A fantastic experience and you can watch my video from the chopper HERE After the chopper I headed off to see some of the stands I missed on the Saturday like the FOS Future Lab, Mercedes and Ford amongst others. The future lab was really interesting and great addition to Goodwood. Not too sure on the Roborace concept really but time will tell I suppose.

So as I had grandstand tickets for the Sunday and my legs where in bits from the marathon I walked the day before I decided to head to the nearest grandstand just in time for the supercar run up the hill. This was the first time I've had grandstand access and I wish I hadn't waited this long. Seeing the cars go up the hill from a good vantage point brings a whole new feeling to the event. The view across to Goodwood house from the main grandstand was fantastic!


Having spent a good while in the main grandstand I decided to go and explore some others and see what the view was like in other stands. The F1 cars came out and the grandstands filled up so quickly it was hard to find a seat! The noise of the old V10s screaming up the hill is something I never forget year after year! Managed to get some nice tracking shots again even though the F1 cars were a bit of the fast side to get focus on.


Quick check of Facebook and I heard about a few 918s and a LaFerrari in the supercar car park so decided I couldn't miss that and headed over there. The selection of cars up there was incredible. Rows of Huracan Performances, a 720S, three 918 Spiders and an incredible looking LaFerrari where the highlights of some stunning cars in the car park.


The day ran away from me on Sunday and all of a sudden it was late afternoon and time for some lunch so headed for the huge queues and waited forever for a burger. Next stop was the off road arena and again another part of Goodwood I had never seen. The jumps the crazy off roaders were doing had to be seen to be believed. Amazing! Knowing I had at least a 5 hour journey ahead of me I left a little earlier on the Sunday to try and beat some traffic.

Didn't go too well, left around 4pm and took me 6 hours to get home! Writing this blog a week after the event I still have "Goodwood blues" and just cant wait for next year. It truly is the best car event on the planet and you haven't been please get yourself a ticket next year, you won't be disappointed!