Top 10 Images of 2018 in Association with HOYA Filters

What a year 2018 has been for Brian Lloyd Photography.. From attending major events like Goodwood Festival of Speed to becoming an official photographer for the worlds largest car sharing company, Turo.. My highlight of the year however,  and my photography journey so far is certainly becoming a brand ambassador for Hoya filters. 

This blog in association with Hoya will count down my top 10 favourite images of the year, all shot using Hoya filters! These are purely my favourite images and some being more about the meaning behind the shot rather than the technical details of the image. Hope you enjoy...

Number 10 - Mercedes CLA Turo Photoshoot
blloyd_hero2 copyjpg
This is a great example of images chosen for their meaning rather than just a very special car or similar. This was one of my first official shoots for Turo. The worlds largest car sharing company launched in the USA over 10 years ago and has over 10 million users. Being one of the first UK photographers is a great honour for me and I'm looking forward to seeing Turo grow in the UK into the leading car sharing platform.

Number 9 - Pirelli Best in Class winner at Blenheim Palace Classic & Supercar
This shot was taken at the class winners presentations at Blenheim Palace in September this year. This stunning Zonda was a deserved winner of best in class. The timing of this shot was crucial to get the car lined up with the palace entrance in the limited time available before the class winners parade began.

Number 8 - Abarth 595 Optimus Prime Shoot
CPL5-2 copyjpg
This is a rather special image to me for no other reason than it being one of my cars in the shot! This was taken back in early summer not long after I collected the car. The location is in Salford Quays not far from Old Trafford in Manchester, a well known location for car shoots like this. Personally I think the Abarth suits the location perfect and the blues in the graffiti look great alongside the podium blue paintwork.

Number 7 - Tom Chilton testing the Shredded Wheat Racing Ford Focus
This is the only real motorsport image of the countdown and was taken in March 2018 at the BTCC testing day at Donington Park. I chose this image due to the wider angle this is shot at. I was really happy with the sense of speed it portrays and the colours of the car really pop, a very pleasing image for me this one!

Number 6 - Goodwood House Porsche 70th Anniversary Celebrations
This was one of them pinch yourself moments and the main reason this image has made it into my top 10. This image was taken on the lawn of Goodwood House during the Porsche 70th Anniversary celebrations. Each day during the festival the lawn was closed off to spectators while a parade of quite simply the rarest and most special Porsche' ever built! Having such access is something that only a few years I dreamed of and to be there as an official Goodwood photographer was another very proud moment of 2018

Number 5 - Aston Martin Vantage WEC Race CarBPL_1273jpg
This was another image from early in the year. Taken at the North West launch event for the brand new Aston Martin Vantage at Stock Farm in Cheshire. Aston Martin kindly invited me along to the event and this was my first time seeing the new car in person. Even though the new Vantage was on display this stunning WEC car almost stole the limelight from the new road car. The hospitality and opportunity to shoot such an event meant this image had to make it into my top 10.

Number 4 - "The Eyes" 
Another image from Goodwood Festival of Speed and something really rather different for this one. Anyone that has been to Goodwood will be well aware of the eclectic mix of race and road cars and 2018 was no different. This image was taken as the driver was preparing for his hill climb run in a classic F1 car once driven by the great Alain Prost. The eye contact makes this image a really special one for me and the reason it made it so high up my top 10.

Number 3 - Blenheim Palace Class Winners Display
Things are starting to get serious now and also very difficult to chose my top 3. Number 3 was another one of them pinch myself moments. How often do you get the chance to shoot a line of cars like this with such a stunning backdrop! This was taken back in September at the closing stages of the event. Each class winner was carefully lined up in front of the palace main entrance to give us photographers the chance to snap this superb line up!

Number 2 - Autosport International Live Action Arena
This is a special image for me for many reasons. Having attended Autosport International for countless years at Birmingham NEC, this was my first year attending as a press photographer and with that comes access to the press area of the live action arena, rather than being behind 10 foot of metal barriers! This was one of the final shots of the day as the drift cars were leaving the stadium. I love how this image portrays the size and energy of the live action arena and a truly memorable moment for me!

Number 1 - "Red Smoker"
My number one image of 2018... again another from Goodwood Festival of Speed and one that I will remember for many years to come. This image was taken on the last day of the event for me. For the last few hours I set myself up under the main bridge by the house for the last few hours of the day. I was so happy with this image, the flames under the car, the coloured smoke, the general tones to the image all came together to give a real sensation of being on the track with the car. A shot I am very proud of and one that was always going to be my number one of 2018!